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The first company I will write about is It will be 2020 in less than 2 months. It is time to start thinking about a new calendar for the home or office.

Today, I will talk about products by a company that have on there website; Lang. Not only carry calendars, but products that help celebrate the year. Lang has Christmas Cards (Hint, hint) organizational, calendars, stationery, and many more products. Below is a list of a few products, and a brief description of the links. Click on the link to be re-directed to the webpage on Enjoy and thank you for stopping by and check out my blog. In the future, I will add more links and pictures.

  • Langs. Calendars– You will be re-directed to Lang’s Homepage. There you can navigate to calendars.
  • Lang Stationry– From Journals to pads, all the stationery is beautifully shown in Lang’s designs.
  • Christmas Cards– Sent Chrismas Card with a Lang’s design on front.