Wilson’s Leather

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Wilson’s Leather is obsessed with leather. Everything from the texture to the weight. They want to sure that the way it makes you feel is great. Everything is better in leather. Always in fashion, classic leather ages well and gains character. The leather becomes as unique as the person who wears it and a signature of personal style.

Wilson’s Leather Value

Wilson’s Leather is Handcrafted, Distinctive Details, well-made, and long-lasting.

They are fashionable, classic, and on-trend Leather Designs.

Great Variety of products at a great value all the time.

You are assured that it is a trustworthy and authentic expertise product.


Today, it’s that devotion to leather that leads us on still. We’ve loved it since 1899, and in over 120 years, we’ve learned more about leather than anyone as a leather goods store. We’re the experts. No one else comes close. Because as we made leather, leather made us.